Testimonials: What Our Clients Are Saying

We're proud to have empowered businesses and individuals with our innovative bike leasing solutions. But don't just take our word for it—read what our satisfied clients have to say.

Happy Ubike clients sharing their positive experiences with corporate bike leasing in Belgium

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Experience the Ubike difference firsthand. We're proud of the work we do, but we believe the true measure of our success lies in the experiences of the companies we've partnered with. Hear it directly from those who have seen a transformation in their corporate mobility and culture.

"A Remarkable Jump in Bike Adoption Rates"

“Today, we're nearing the 30% mark of employees who have either adopted cycling for some of their commutes or are on the cusp of doing so.This has been a significant catalyst in accelerating the transformation of our corporate culture.Thank you immensely for your unwavering support from the outset. Just for your information, we sense that Cofidis is starting to champion cycling more effectively and ambitiously than before, which is a welcome development!”

Michel Funck

COO & Head of Human resources AT Banque transatlantique Belgium

"Seamless Collaboration"

"I was looking for a partner to entrust our employees with, ensuring a diverse catalog, expert advice, and impeccable follow-up, both administratively for TUC RAIL and after-sales service for our employees. Ubike quickly stood out, and my experience has shown that I was not mistaken. Collaboration at all levels is very smooth."

Valérie Lonneville

Compensation & benefits Manager at TUC RAIL

"Reliability and Adaptability"

"Our preference was for a reliable partner with a broad geographical network. We chose Ubike. They have transitioned from a startup to an established value; they listen attentively and adapt their service to the needs of the client and their employees."

Ann Van Buggenhout

Compensation & benefits manager at PV GROUP

"Tailor-Made Solutions"

"I chose to work with Ubike for its tailor-made offer adapted to our needs, for its expertise and advice, and for its availability and responsiveness."

Thibault Martens

Co-founder at OPTIM HR

"Competence and Responsiveness"

"Ubike meets expectations, is responsive, very competent, and professional in their service."

Laurence Surkijn

General Services Manager at CBR

"Customer-Oriented Approach"

"We chose Ubike for its professional and customer-oriented approach. From the beginning, they listened carefully to our vision and projects and helped us implement them. Everything was open for discussion, and adjustments were made according to our wishes. This led us to a bike plan that offers appropriate benefits for all our employees."

Kristien De Schepper

HR Director at Sanha

"Attentive and Customized Service"

"I chose Ubike as a partner because from the first contacts, the team was very attentive and available. They showed great adaptability to my requests by offering me a tailor-made service."

Noémie Bontyes

HR business Partner at MSF Supply

"Comprehensive and Impeccable Service"

"Ubike offers a wide range of bikes that meet all demands. The Ubike team is always available to respond to all requests. This frees up time, and the service is impeccable from start to finish. Everything is taken care of. I highly recommend Ubike!"

Farah Amine

Human Resources & mobility Officer at BELV

"Long-Term Partnership"

"Partners since 2013, Ubike has always offered us a complete and evolving service. The introduction of Ushops is a significant step forward towards even more possibilities and less administrative burden for IBA. We have always been a company that believes in the values of sustainable development, in both its social and environmental dimensions. As such, we encourage efficient, sustainable and healthy everyday mobility. And when we began our collaboration with Ubike, we thought that encouraging our employees to cycle to work would be a challenge. In fact, thanks to this long-standing Partnership, the rate of bicycle adoption has risen steadily to an impressive 20% across our entire workforce in Belgium. And it's still rising.”

Thomas Canon

Sustainability Program Director at IBA

"Quality and Longevity"

"Their bike service and offerings are of high quality, and we are happy to have been collaborating with them for over 10 years!"

Carolina Cordal Rodriguez

Business partner at Voxbone

"Local Partnership and Professional Follow-Up"

"I chose Ubike because they were a local partner that met our needs in terms of support in implementing the bike plan. Furthermore, Ubike's range of sales points is very broad. Their follow-up is very professional during the implementation of the bike plan and also afterwards. We are launching our third bike campaign in April 2021 and continue to work with Ubike."

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"Passionate and Adaptable Team"

"It was on the recommendation of a neighboring company in Louvain-la-Neuve, already well advanced in soft mobility, that we chose to work with Ubike. No regrets, it was excellent advice! Ubike is a human-sized company, led by convinced, passionate people who transmit their enthusiasm while adapting to the specificities and constraints of its customers."

Donatienne Bourdon

Compensation & benefits manager at carmeuse

"Extensive Options and Proximity"

"After market analysis, we chose Ubike for its proximity, the extent of the service (leasing + maintenance), and availability; in 2017, we confirmed our contract when expanding the catalog: from 5 models, we moved to 35 possibilities, allowing all cyclists (currently more than 100) to find their ideal bike of choice, with a financial contribution proportional to the category of the equipment."

Catherine Stroobant

HR Manager at Solvay

"We chose to support belgian innovation"

"As a leading Belgian energy provider, OCTA+ values sustainability and efficiency, guiding us to support Ubike, a Belgian scale-up transforming corporate mobility. Choosing Ubike's flexible leasing reflects our commitment to environmental values and local business support, a key factor for us. This partnership has improved our commuting, showing our dedication to a greener future for our employees and the planet. Ubike's focus on customer satisfaction and innovation is central to our sustainability efforts."

Xavier Rigo


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