Your All-In-One Solution for Corporate Mobility

We are redefining corporate mobility. We're not just another bike leasing service; we're a comprehensive, flexible, and fiscally advantageous solution tailored to your organization's unique needs. Here's why Ubike is the ultimate choice for you.

Fiscal Advantages: More Than Just Savings

Ubike brings you all the fiscal benefits you'd expect from a bike leasing program, and then some. It's not just about savings; it's about smart financial planning for your company.

Bike leasing fiscal deductibility

100% Deductible

Every expense related to green mobility is fully deductible for employers.

Bike leasing fiscal deductibility

Minimal Impact

When you finance your bike leasing through your gross salary, the impact on your net salary is surprisingly low.

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Ubike By The Numbers

Our numbers speak volumes about our commitment to providing exceptional service and fostering a passionate tribe of cycling enthusiasts.

Bikes on the Road
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Ubike Shops
Passionate Tribe Members
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Tailored Flexibility for Every Business

At Ubike, we get it—every company is unique, and so are their mobility needs. That's why we offer a range of flexible options to fit your organization, regardless of its size.

Ubike flexible services

Financing Freedom

Choose from leasing, renting, or immediate purchase to best suit your financial strategy.

Ubike flexible services

Contract Versatility

Opt for 24, 36, or 48-month contracts to align with your business goals.

Ubike flexible services

Insurance Choices

Select from a variety of insurance types to get the coverage that's right for you.

Ubike lady on bike happy

Comprehensive Coverage and Unbeatable Insurance

Ubike goes above and beyond to offer you a complete package that includes the most competitive insurance options in the market.

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Home Assistance: Forget the 1 km rule; we assist you right at your doorstep.
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Extended Warranty: Your manufacturer's warranty is extended to match your leasing term.
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All-Round Coverage: From your bike to your attire and even minor injuries, we've got you covered.
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International Assistance: Travel worry-free with our assistance that extends to multiple European countries.

Cutting-Edge Management Platform

Managing a corporate bike leasing program has never been easier, thanks to our innovative management platform. From fleet management to advanced HR tools, we've got all your needs covered.

Ubike cutting edge management platform

Fleet Management

Gain full control over your bike fleet, from allocation to maintenance, all in one place.

Ubike cutting edge management platform

Easy Invoice Access

Find all your invoices effortlessly in one centralized location, streamlining your accounting process.

Ubike cutting edge management platform

Advanced HR Tools

Our platform calculates the exact bruto salary impact for each employee, saving your HR department valuable time and eliminating the need for internal experts.


Extensive Network for Unmatched Choices

Ubike is not just a service; it's a community. With over 600 partner bike shops and 400 bike brands, we offer an unparalleled selection that ensures you'll find the perfect fit for your organization

Partner Bike Shops

Our network of 600+ partner shops guarantees local support and services wherever you are.

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Ubike 600 bike shops

Wide Range of Brands

Choose from 400 different bike brands to find the perfect match for your needs, from city bikes to e-bikes and beyond.

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Wide range of bike brands
Trusted by 130+ companies in Belgium
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Create your free account today and start transforming your corporate mobility!

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Quick Setup: Your bike leasing program can be up and running in no time.
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Personalized Plans: Tailor the program to fit your company's unique needs.
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Expert Support: Our team is here to guide you every step of the way.
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