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Ubike Unveils Major Initiatives to Accelerate Sustainable Mobility in Belgian Companies

Discover how Ubike is revolutionizing sustainable mobility in Belgium with innovative programs like BikeHive and Nearly New Bike. Learn how these initiatives are transforming corporate culture, boosting bike adoption rates, and contributing to a greener future.
 Ubike Unveils Major Initiatives to Accelerate Sustainable Mobility in Belgian Companies
Published on
September 13, 2023

Since its inception in 2011, Ubike, Belgium's bike leasing expert, has launched two groundbreaking initiatives aimed at boosting corporate bike adoption: BikeHive and Nearly New Bike. Inspired by socially and ecologically responsible leaders like Patagonia, Airbnb, and Google, these programs are designed to transform corporate mobility and make cycling accessible to all, regardless of income. Throughout Mobility Week and the entire month of September, Ubike will engage with over 25,000 employees to onboard them into these initiatives and is also offering special deals for companies committing to their leasing program. Thanks to these efforts, Ubike has already elevated corporate bike adoption to levels seen in Europe's most bike-friendly cities, significantly contributing to more efficient and sustainable urban mobility.

BikeHive: A Comprehensive Program to Boost Corporate Bike Adoption

Ubike goes beyond mere bike leasing by offering the most comprehensive insurance package on the market and now, a full-fledged support program to help companies increase bike adoption among their employees. The program features interactive events, personalized support for internal communication, informative sessions, and practical tips on cycling and road safety.

"Tomorrow's mobility is already here today, and it's rapidly evolving. Public initiatives, the shift towards multimodality, and examples from major cities like San Francisco, New York, or Paris are already showing us the way. In Belgium, we have much to be proud of in terms of our progress, but there's still much to be done. We can't afford to simply wait for change to happen. At Ubike, we're committed to helping companies accelerate this mindset shift and adopt a more sustainable and inclusive approach to mobility,"

says Michel Lagasse, CEO of Ubike.

The 2022 TRAXIO Report highlights significant growth in Belgium's bike sector. After a temporary dip in 2021, mainly due to supply chain issues, the Belgian bike market rebounded in 2022. An impressive 19% increase was recorded, with the sale of 695,871 bikes, 110,958 more units than in 2021. Bikes are now widely available, as evidenced by both sales and well-stocked inventories.

In Brussels, the current modal share of bikes stands at 3%. However, the Brussels region has set an ambitious target to increase this figure to 11% by 2030. The primary aim is to make cycling more appealing for those who usually commute by car or public transport over distances of 2 to 5 km (source: Brussels Mobility).

In the ranking of the world's most bike-friendly cities, two Belgian cities are in the top 10: Ghent with 33% and Bruges with 25%. As expected, the Netherlands dominates the top three spots, with bike modal shares approaching 60%.

Outside the top 10, it's worth noting the strong progress of Paris (5%) and New York. Paris has significantly developed its cycling infrastructure in recent years, adding protected bike lanes and expanding its bike-sharing system. The COVID-19 pandemic has also encouraged more individuals to opt for cycling to avoid public transport. Meanwhile, New York has continued to develop its network of bike lanes and has seen an increase in bike usage, partly thanks to its bike-sharing system, Citi Bike.

As for the impact of Ubike's initiatives, the results are impressive. Until recently, among Ubike's clients, only 5% of employees used company bikes. However, thanks to this program, the company now regularly sees rates approaching 30%—a result that exceeds their initial forecasts.

"I never thought I'd see such enthusiasm for cycling in our company. In just a few weeks, nearly 20% of our employees have opted for a leased bike. At this rate, we'll hit the 30% mark in no time. It's a real transformation of our corporate culture; the quality support offered by Ubike certainly plays a role!"

says Frédéric Vaes, CFO at Eurenco, an Ubike client.

Nearly New Bike - Circular Economy at the Heart of a New Platform to Democratize Corporate Cycling and Promote Sustainability

Ubike is also launching a new platform inspired by the circular economy: Nearly New Bike. This platform offers a selection of refurbished brand-name bikes at competitive prices (up to 60% off), making cycling more accessible for everyone. This initiative is part of a broader effort to promote reuse and sustainability.

Unlike used bikes, which are sold "as is" and without a warranty, the refurbished bikes offered by Ubike have been carefully inspected and restored by expert technicians. Each bike undergoes a rigorous process of checking and repairing any issues, and worn parts are replaced. Once the refurbishing process is complete, the bike performs as if it were new. Moreover, all refurbished bikes come with a 12 to 18-month warranty and a 30-day return policy.

"By choosing a refurbished bike, you're making not just an economical choice but also an ecological one. Refurbished bikes use fewer resources and produce less waste, making them a win-win for your wallet and the planet. These initiatives align with our mission to make cycling accessible to all. We firmly believe that two wheels are an integral part of the pleasant cities of tomorrow. Our goal is simple: a bike for everyone, a smile on every face. We're proud to contribute to this transformation of mobility, making cycling more accessible and promoting a more circular economy,"

says Michel Lagasse, CEO of Ubike.

Special Offer for Mobility Week

To celebrate Mobility Week, Ubike is unveiling a special offer: any company committing to a bike leasing program for a fleet of bikes before September 30, 2023, will receive a credit of €105.6 (excluding VAT) per bike, equivalent to a full year of maintenance service. These savings are at the company's discretion and can be used to boost staff morale, improve on-site cycling infrastructure, or even be converted into cycling equipment, such as high-quality helmets or high-visibility jackets, customized with the company logo. Additionally, for any subscription of a lease of at least 20 bikes, the company will be offered a courtesy folding bike, valued at €1549, customized with its logo, thus affirming its commitment to more sustainable mobility.

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